Dawn Traveler 13

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Wind Sprint (Part 3)

The war in the Marca continent, which originated in the Gras Empire, grew ever larger and larger.

The fourth Imperial prince attracted the armies of the Rothen Kingdom, and the fifth Imperial prince took hands with the Phraison tribe.

An insidious and vicious race with overflowing power. (Darknari: raw had this as someone thinking but it might have been a typo by the author)

According to the adventurer Chandler’s findings, the Phraison tribe were the worst creatures inhabiting the swamps in the southeast of the continent.

Sword and magic.

They did not know how to use any of that, but they have a brutality beyond imagination, superhuman strength, and hard, thick skin.

Their negotiation conditions were simple.

“If you give us the land and the right to eat the people who live there, I will help you.”

When they ate human beings, they had the ability to exert more strength.

The fifth Imperial prince had the Phraison tribe join their side in the civil war.

They were not a great help in the battlefield where the knights and the magic machines (majanggi) were active, but they were the best for capturing cities.

The Phraison tribe, which ate the elderly and the young, was indeed an object of fear.

The Crown Prince had the order of knights and the central army, the third imperial prince seized the military force of the empire and incurred an all-out war, and in the meantime, the local warlords rebelled. (Darknari: what about the 2nd price?)

The Gras Empire, which had dominated the politics and economy of the continent for hundreds of years, was shaking.


In the morning, there was light physical fitness with Rendall.

“It is important to practice steadily. Let’s start practice by slashing a thousand times every morning and evening.” (Rendall)

Rendall thought that practice was the most important.

If he pretended that he was not talented with a sword, he would be taught until dawn, saying that practice was lacking.

If he was working hard, it will be more intensified because he was coming along well.

After breakfast, it was time to study magic with Herz.

“Learning one school is fast, but you do not know what will happen later, so you should be able to use as many magic spells as possible. And the higher the magic field, the more knowledge you need in other fields, so you should not neglect your studies.” (Herz)

Herz, as a tomb-robbing mage, was more liberal in pursuit of his will than the schools of the mage tower. So there was more magic to learn properly.

The so-called massive foundation magic!

There was just over two hundred kinds of magic spells in the first circle.

“We have to have solid soil. It is good to learn all the magic spells in the first circle. If you deny that you do not need it, it is easy for you to become prejudiced later on. It is enough to grasp the characteristics of mana and the study of theory, and expand the house of mana now, rather than to actually produce magic.” (Herz)

Herz had him slowly learn all of the magic of the first circle with the logic that it would be faster later.

The dwarf Nedim also praised Jess for opening a locked door and avoiding the trap.

“Good observation. In the future no inferior trap will catch you by your ankle.” (Nedim)

Compared to opening locks, trap disassembly was easier to learn than he thought.

Most of the traps installed in dungeons were often simple structures.

If it was constructed with a complicated structure, the time for it to trigger was not only delayed, but it was also difficult to repair after a failure due to high humidity.

After learning how to find a trap and knowing where to pay particular attention, it became easier to deal with it.

Depending on the structure of the traps, it is not difficult to dismantle or destroy them if you understand a few big principles.

Jess identified the traps immediately because of his experience in the many dungeons that he accompanied since he was a baby.

Because he saw the amazing thing of the utterly and dangerous traps being dismantled with a *rap-a-tap*.

After the teachings of Nedim, he learned archery from Lisianthus while riding through the forest.

He said until dusk, he’s a total fraud.

When one is young they must play outside, because of the uncalled for care of the different teachers the time when he learns archery became longer.

“Do not deliberately hold your breath while aiming the bow. Drink the breath of the forest. Breathe vitality throughout the body.” (Lisianthus)

I learned archery while running around with the elven children.

When you drink the breath of the forest, your body becomes lighter, your eyes become clear and fatigue is restored.

Jess developed enough to shoot arrows in mid-air, skipping between trees.


Five arrows, shot consecutively in mid-air, flew fiercely through the branches.

The target was an apple tree 200 meters ahead!


The exterior of five apples hanging on one branch were hit on the mark in turn.

“Pretty good for a human.” (Lisianthus)

Sometimes he heard the praise of Lisianthus.

The elves’ ability and agility were beyond imagination.

In the woods, they were much faster than a sprinting horse.

It was not a common occurrence, but when they are hunting, they do not need arrows. They just run in and swoop down on targets such as wild boars and wolves.


Jess ran with all his might, drinking the breath of the forest. Every time he took his foot off the ground, he went straight forward a stretch.

He leaped over tree stumps and lightly grazed by the growing grass.

As a human being, he ran at a speed that exceeded the limit and common sense.

In front of him, a hind with plumb flesh ran with her fawn. (Darknari: a hind is a female deer, especially a red deer.)

In the forests of the elves they were a famous deer called Robian.

It was the fastest deer in the forest and had a colorful pattern.

The hind fled to escape the pursuit of Jess.

The deer running through the wind in a nimble manner looked back and made a grim look.

The young man was pursuing at an incredible pace.

They changed directions and ran in a zigzag at the best speed they could get, but they could not get rid of the human.

In the end, he had completely caught up with them in the vicinity of the rushing waterfall.

[I’m dead now. I’ll be eaten.] (fawn)

The fawn squeezed her eyes shut.

The Robian hind who drew to a halt thought she could not survive even if she ran away.

“To run this fast……. even if I’m not an elf it’s a scam. A scam. Phew. But, I’ve been chasing this far and I’m thirsty.”


Jess passed by the mother and daughter deer and drank the clear water of the waterfall.

The deer had ran away when they had felt a threat to their life, but they were relieved when surprisingly nothing happened.

In addition, the body of Jess smelled thickly of the aroma of the forest.

“There is a big snake near where I used to be, so be careful in the future. It will be dangerous until I grill and eat it. “

Jess slapped his hand on the Robian hind’s ass.

Puhing! (Darknari: deer scream)

The young hind left in alarm along with her fawn with resentment in her eyes.

[Bad little kid. He just looked at me with crafty eyes.] (hind)

Jess was stunned but he could not chase after them. Then the misunderstanding of the hind will only be deeper.


“Sir Nedim and Sir Herz are a little late.” (Laeli)

“Yeah, you’re right. They should have been back two days ago…….” (Rendall)

Nedim left with Herz to pick up the goods they left behind in the City of Terre.

As the settled life in the elven forests lengthened, it became a drudgery for the dwarf.

He tried to make some things, but there was not enough material, and he could not even drink beer heartily.

Herz went out to check the treasures and magic materials hidden in the underground warehouse of the house.

It was a long trip that took 14 days round trip on a carriage, but by now the date has passed by.

Of course, Nedim and Herz’s skills were not average, but they were worried about the continent being so messed up.

“Nothing would have happened to them, right?” (Laeli)

“I have not heard of any trouble in Terre, so I must believe they will be safe.” (Rendall)

Laeli and Rendall decided to wait a little longer.

I do not know what happened.

Jess was submerged in meditation.

Then I guess I’ll just have to demonstrate my abilities.

Even though it was usually invisible, the mysterious golden line appeared when he focused his mind.

A golden line of destiny that leaps beyond distance and obstacles and connects life and life!

I have to find out Sir Herz and Sir Nedim’s situation.

Jess looked for the golden lines stemming from him.

If he went through this golden line, the thoughts of the opposite side can be read no matter where they are.

[I did not know that the bridge of the Proeh Canyon collapsed. Probably because of the war. In the background the smoke from the flaming Volgen Castle is visible from here.……. Just how many people have died?] (Herz)

[It is inconvenient to have to carry my baggage for a good while.] (Nedim)

Jess unfolds the map Rendall left. Because of the guidance of the grave robbers, the city, as well as historic sites, mountains, valleys, and escape routes to choose from in emergency situations were well represented.

This item, that was difficult to buy directly, was written and drawn up partially by Rendall.

If they are in a Proeh Canyon, it’ll take a little bit for them to come back.

If Volgen Castle is visible, they will have to bypass it to the mountain where there are no humans in order to not to be influenced by the war.

I’m glad they’re still alright. Well, they would have been fine even if they were swept up in something dangerous.

Nedim and Herz’s skills have been familiar to him from the time he was a baby before his hair grew in.

They will be able to come back well because they have many experiences in a crisis.

And six more days have passed.

There was still no news from the two.

Jess again read their thoughts through the golden line.

[To think that we would be isolated in a place like this. This has become troublesome.] (Herz)

[It won’t be good if either army saw us now. To protect the beer, we should avoid them, if at all possible.] (Nedim)

[We would have been able to get to the forest in only about three more days. We can not pass through, because we will be seen by the knights on the plains.] (Herz)

[The humans in this cave are hungry, but they won’t covet my beer, right? I could give a little bit to that pretty girl though.] (Nedim) (Darknari: *snort* dwarves and their beer)

Herz and Nedim have been waiting in the cave for the army stationed nearby to leave.

“I hope nothing bad happened to them, right?”

“No matter what happened, I’ll go to the nearest city and commission information from the guild.”

Laeli and Randall were still worried.

Grona did not say much about them, but she was eager to get back together.

As a dark elf she did not have a village to return to. Her colleagues were like a family to her.

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