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The Other World’s Water is Really Unsuitable for the Skin!?



It is the mother of life, the birthplace, and the source. Seawater contains saline, that salt is necessary and indispensable to the life of humans. There seems to be a place that has a land without a sea that exchanges silver for the same weight of salt.


«Do you want to say anything to me?» (Andre)

“I made things without thinking well ………. Please help ………” (Cias)


Andre and I say the complete same words as yesterday.

The room that was built first thing in the morning was a brand new kitchen.

In the sink, there are all kinds of seafood such as fish, shrimp, crab, squid, octopus, and creatures with unknown names. As well as tiny fingerlings that vigorously jump about in Paimon’s hands.

To explain why this situation has come to be, we have to go back in time a little bit.



Morning. It’s morning.

I have met the morning for the first time in my life. When thinking so, it is quite moving.

Crawling out from the fur that Paimon was burrowed in before, I look about the room.
It’s a digression, but the fur smells wonderful.

Empty. It’s nothing but a white room, but there is a degree of dreariness. Furniture such as the glass table, porcelain tableware, and the silver spoons and forks are inorganic substances that were able to be made easily. However, there was just nothing I could do about the bed.

Or if, in the same way as the school uniform, it is installed in the smartphone in advance, I might have managed to do it. However, without that, even if I try to prepare fibers of inorganic matter, unfortunately I do not seem to have knowledge of synthetic fibers.

Haa~……… Not to even say a bed, I at least want a futon.

It is because the stone floor is hard.

Because I slept on the stone floor, I stretch out some of the painful places and I say a greeting to Andre, which was placed on the folded uniform.


“Morning, Andre.” (Cias)

«Good morning, master. During master’s sleep I had a lot of free time. From tomorrow on when I have free time, I want to sing a song to distract myself.» (Andre)

“You know a song?” (Cias)

«Boeー» (Andre)

“Why is it the jaian style!?” (Cias)
(Darknari: what I could find out is that it is a festal lyrical poem)

«Voeeeeee!» (Andre)

“Hard rock!!” (Cias)


For some reason I get exhausted from the morning. Is it age? I am still 0 years old though……….

For the time being, I see the results of what I did before I went to bed yesterday.


“Oh! It recovered nicely.”


I chuckle when I see that my [MP] made a complete recovery.

[Fountain of Magic] can increase MP, additionally, it is possible to store it. And going by what god was saying, last night, I was able to store my MP.

Though the problem was recovery, thanks to the [Fountain of Magic] there is also the effect of increasing the amount of recovery, so there is a complete recovery after sleeping overnight.

With this the amount of MP that can be used is doubled.

Having gotten nothing but magic blessings from god, I want to be full of MP at all times.


“Alright. I will store about 1/5 again.” (Cias)


While praying that the time to use this does not come if possible, I put on my folded school uniform.


“Good morning, Cias-sama, Andre.” (Paimon)


Today as well, Paimon is innocence. I can be relieved.


“Morning, Paimon.” (Cias)

«Good morning, Paimon.» (Andre)


Leaving the bedroom I bumped into Paimon who was leaving the living room.

The school uniform given to her yesterday suited her awfully well.

Besides short hair, she has well-organized and dignified facial features, it was the charm of a crossdressing beauty.

Umm, unlike when I was wrapping the poncho or mantle like cloth, the body looks feminine.

Especially, the breasts.

B? C?

Although not very full, and not to be too self-asserting, it is not modest enough to say that it is said to be modest.

This is………. Quite……….


«Old man.» (Andre)

“I don’t understand any of that at all. I deny it, it is a false charge, I firmly protest.” (Cias)


Good grief, as ever Andre is a troublesome guy.

Paimon has the dried meat and black bread in her hands.

Like yesterday, it seems that she is planning to prepare the meals. However, that dried meat and bread is insanely hard. It might be possible to restore them with hot water, or it could be eaten by dunking it in soup.


“I’m sorry, breakfast is not done yet. I will prepare it from now on.” (Paimon)


So, while bowing apologetically, Paimon is about to leave.


“Ah, please wait for a moment. Andre, has the water already come here?” (Cias)


Our lifeline. The confirmation of the waterworks’ situation is assessed by Andre.


«Yes. It passed through the above ground part this morning.» (Andre)

“Oh!! Good, good, with this water can be used normally from today on!!” (Cias)


Yesterday, the smartphone made water for the use of the toilets and baths. This report is nothing but good news, as every single one of those is difficult.

Although it is supposed to be like that…


«I hope that’s the case………» (Andre)


Andre’s words, I felt like it contains a dark laugh somewhere in there.



I decided to make the kitchen immediately.

I will freely use every single knowledge I have and make up a system kitchen as much as I can.

Refrigerator with a water attribute. Stove with a fire attribute. Ventilating fan with a wind attribute. In addition, there is special magic for the microwave. There is no electronics.

Space-time magic, rather than warming the ingredients, it returns it to a warm state, it is more of a superb performance than a microwave oven.

By the way, it is impossible to turn back the time for living things with space-time magic. Because only things without life can be returned, it is ineffectual for such things as reviving the dead and restoring youth.

With this and that, I get carried away with making it and the degree of risk becomes 5.

In the entire dungeon, the kitchen has the highest degree of risk. Andre, again, said a complaint.

I also think I went overboard somewhat.


“Well then, first the water.” (Cias)


I murmur, heading for the water supply. It’s fine as it is connected properly to the water supply.


The faucet made of silver is turned and water flowed out vigorously.

Since I was born, being able to master [Create] so smoothly, I thought I couldn’t until now, then *shaa* *shaaa* the water is flowing.

The flowing water flows as it is into the underground sewer system and into the reservoir pond. The organic matter in the sewage that is collected in the reservoir will be absorbed by the dungeon after a while.

However, since only soap, detergent and so on are left in the reservoir pond, things made by the smartphone are made to disappear automatically.


“Ha ha. How’s that, Andre. I am not always failing, you know?” (Cias)

«Is that so. I am looking forward to what you say after 5 minutes.» (Andre)

“It is amazing!! Water comes out!!” (Paimon)


This smartphone. Learn a little from the innocence of Paimon. She is a really adorable fellow with such sparkling eyes.


“Then, without delay.” (Cias)


I slowly picked up a glass. Honestly, I’m thirsty.

Yesterday, the water that Paimon gave me was somewhat cloudy, so much so that I didn’t feel like gulping down the rest.

Water was poured to the brim into the glass.

I brought it to my mouth.



At that time…

From within the faucet…


I caught sight of a fingerling dashing out.

For an instant, my mind became pure white.

However, it is not possible to stop any longer. My lips are already touching the edge of the cup.

Why was the water that Paimon had cloudy? It is because it was not proper clean water.

According to her, it seems that boiling and disinfecting was properly done, but if it is not distilled, impurities will remain mixed into the water.

And now, why did a fish dash out from the faucet?

It is simple.




It’s still just seawater.


«Do you want to say anything to me?» (Andre)

“I made things without thinking well ………. Please help ………” (Cias)


To the degree of my foolishness, I want to cry a little.

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14 thoughts on “DDLW 18

  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    Besides a kind of festive traditional singing, the thing that comes to my mind when hearing “jaian-style” is the singing prowess of Jaian from Doraemon, who is the local bully, but the kids tolerate better the beatings, threats, stealing and breaking of new toys and so on rather than being forcefully “invited” to his weekly (or monthly, I’m not sure right now) singing recitals. The guy believe’s he’s an ace singer, but his singing voice is most likely banned by the Geneva Convention as a rather cruel and unusual torture.


  2. Well. As he can easily build structures and apply attributed to materials (heat and control the temps) desalination won’t be too hard but it could be a issue as it will constantly require a lot of magic power and he doesn’t have a steady supply of corpses for the dungeon to absorb.
    Or will he instead dig for a underground reserve?


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