Dawn Traveler 16

I’m back!! This chapter though was a pain. It felt like the pov kept changing. So I added pov markers. Another note I’m changing Gillian to Gilsian since the author used 길시언. And we finally find out that girl’s name, yay!

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Tl: DarkNari
Editor: DarkNari

The Activity of Jess (Part 3)

— Gilsian’s POV —

“The soldiers and the Phraison are gathered together. It’s a shortcut to pass over there.” (Gilsian)

Knight Gilsian lay prone on the ground as he said that.
Gilsian, who was laying down on the ground, found the enemies gathered near a campfire.

“The best way to get out of here quickly is to hit that place. Why don’t we charge and therefore disperse their attention?” (Gilsian)

Gilsian mustered up the courage and asked that.
Even for the knights, it was very hard to fight races that have the custom of cannibalism.
When he escaped by leaving behind his colleagues to be eaten, he shed a bitter tear.
They gave their life and tried to become bait so that the girl and the others could escape.
Lisianthus shook his head.

“It’s a simple thing, just watch.” (Lisianthus)

He pulled out his bow and plucked the string with ease.
Like before he unleashed unseen mana arrows upon the sleeping troops that were around the campfire in one swoop.
The knights were shocked at the sight of the Phraison collapsing at the same time without a sound.
Can’t believe it…… no way.
It’s an atrocious creature that’s hard to deal with without the aid of a magic machine.
From then on, Lisianthus and Jess opened the road.

“Where shall we go?” (Lisianthus)
“I think it would be better to choose the south.” (Jess)
“The reason is?” (Lisianthus)
“Because we came from the north.” (Jess)
“Is that not a simple judgment?” (Lisianthus)
“It has been long enough for the bodies we have created to be found. So wouldn’t there be a lot of enemies in the vicinity searching? So we have to think of somewhere else to slip through.” (Jess)
“You are right. Let’s go south. So far the southern search network is not so thick.” (Lisianthus)

The knights had dispirited faces.
Even in such a place as the battlefield Lisianthus is teaching Jess.
This little guy is only nine years old…….
But it certainly makes sense. It is surprising that they have already penetrated through the Phrasen tribe, but the young boy’s choice was not wrong. If you are a wise commander, the other side will be careful, I’m sure the troops will turn north towards the annihilated scouts.

— Jess’s POV —

Lisianthus and Jess were far ahead of the party dealing with the enemy and securing the route.
There were quite a lot of Phraisons scattered in the hilly area. Even if it’s only the main group, it exceeded more than 700.
Lisianthus, however, was aware of the concealment of the scouts that were behind the rocks, he shot an arrow and suppressed them.
It was a dark night with dark clouds, but Lisianthus’s arrow didn’t know how to miss a target.

“We really can leave safely.” (Knight A)
“They do not seem to know exactly where we are yet.” (Knight B)

The knights began to have hope. But far away from the field we were in, a thick light beam penetrating the sky was created.
And a whirlpool of intense mana could be felt from afar!

— Gilsian’s POV —

“Wait wait.” (Knight A)
“Are they already summoning the magic machines?” (Knight B)

There was a roar that spread long and far.
The knights who follow Rogenak are summoning magic machines.
The enemies were also a knight order belonging to the Imperial family, so the magic machines they possess were Alexander class with the highest performance.
The sound of a magic machine’s imposing movement not only makes monsters panic, but also raises a terrible fear that not even those that oppose it could endure.
In the dark night, the *thump-thump* sounds of the magic machines running around were heard, and even the vibration was transmitted in the ground.
Because information that there are intruders managed to be transmitted, the knights quickly summoned the magic machines and the search was started.

“Go quickly. Let us take care of this. Jeron. Brodin.” (Gilsian)
“Yes!” (Jeron)(Brodin)
“I want you guys to lure it.” (Gilsian)
“Loyalty to the Gras Empire!” (Jeron)(Brodin)

— Jess’s POV —

The two knights ventured out separately. In their trembling faces, a determined will was read.

[In this way, I will repay the kindness of his majesty.] (Jeron)
[I want to see my family at the end. But we have to fight the last battle without regret.] (Brodin)

— Gilsian’s POV —

The knights also possessed magic machines. They were knights of the Imperial Knight Order that defended the royal palace, their abilities were not mediocre.
Though it was an honor to be a magic machine knight, they are now resolved for death since it had been decided that they are to assume the role of dispersing the enemy’s attention.
Until now, many crises have been passed up to now by way of leaving behind the tail. Sacrifices followed, but he could not help it. (Darknari: by tail he means the stragglers)
Jess asked Lisianthus.

“Will you be able to deal with the magic machines?” (Jess)
“It’s not an easy thing to do right now.” (Lisianthus)
“I think it’s enough to just slow down the pursuers.” (Jess)
“All right. That’s a simple thing to do.” (Lisianthus)

The boy, the girl, and the knights listened to the conversation between Jess and Lisianthus.
He was already surprised when he was playfully killing the ferocious Phraison tribe. Not much can stop the most powerful weapon in the continent that mankind has created.

— Jess’s POV —

[I heard that elves disregarded humans. Our whole life is hanging in the balance, but it is excessive to joke around.] (Knight A)
[A magic machine is not just a big armor. Don’t you know that it is the culmination of magic engineering? The elves will live only in the forest, so they do not know much about the world.] (Knight B)

Herz and Nedhand were not surprised at all, but rather interested.
Lisianthus then pulled out a real arrow from the quiver. Then he said to Jess.

“Do you see them?” (Lisianthus)
“Yes.” (Jess)

Though it was a dark night, with the starlight coming down through the clouds, Jess could see the distant activity of the magic machines.
The pure silver light of the night sky reflects faintly off the magic machines. He could guess the location where the enemies were moving by the sound of the driving force.
A magic machine is a strategic weapon that destroys enemies with destructive power without paying attention to the secrecy of its movements.
Jess read the thoughts of the knights riding in the magic machines.

[Rats should just stand out. I’ll crush you alive. Kekekeke. It would be nice to watch the Phraision tribe eat them alive. Killing Princess Ashlyn with unsurpassed charm is just a waste, so let’s play with her as much as I want.] (Sadistic Knight)
[Ashlyn. Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this day to come? Every time I met you at the Imperial Palace, heh, heh…… you have not grown up yet, but this is the perfect time. Could I have it today? Could I have it tomorrow?] (Perverted Knight)
[If I take advantage of this opportunity, I have been promised to receive the position of leader of the Gold Cross Knights from Rogenak. If a man is ambitious, he should seize the Imperial Knight leader position. Ashlyn. Your neck will surely be dealt with by I, Puelle.] (Puelle)

The identity of that girl is Princess Ashlyn.
Though he guessed her to be a royal or at least a high ranking noble, he was surprised all the same.
The name of Ashlyn, nicknamed the White Flower of the Empire, is a name many of the commoners and myself as well have heard of.
Yes, she’s just a princess.
Compared to the substance of a princess of the empire, Jess considers the existence of Lisianthus who was recorded in the history of various kingdoms to be even greater.
A princess, who is sold as a political tool through marriage to the heads of nations, nobility, and princes of other kingdoms, was not so noble.
Ugh. Anyway, there are a lot of guys here and there that like kids. I agree with the fact that this child is pretty. But she still needs more time to grow up into a woman.
Jess thought it was not worth it to keep those guys alive.

“Choose. Which fellow would be better to shoot?” (Lisianthus)

There was still enough distance, so the magic machine threat was not imminent.

“The one on the right. It looks like the leader.” (Jess)
“That’s not a bad judgement.” (Lisianthus)

Lisianthus shoots an arrow.
In such a rapid pace it seemed as if the arrow had suddenly disappeared from the string. And right after that a new arrow was already in the string.
The sound of the Imperial knight’s magic machine kneeling was heard.
The defensive power of a magic machine consists of three layers of thick armor and a magic circle.
Unless a massive war between nations happens, they only wear one layer of basic protective armor for quick action, but even then, it is rare for a magic machine to be attacked.
Lisianthus’s arrows pierced the protective wall of the magic circle, and penetrated through the first armor to destroy the joint part of the knee.

[How did this happen……!] (Enemy Knight A)
[It is incredible to believe that a magic machine is damaged by an arrow.] (Enemy Knight B)
[Even if we did not wear the second and third armor, how could this be!] (Enemy Knight C)

The first armor accounted for approximately 20% of the total magic machine defense. Even so, it boasted the strength of using special alloyed steel refined by magic to withstand even siege weapons.

“This time, it’s the second guy on the right. The reaction is good. He’s coming forward as if he suddenly felt something.” (Jess)
“I saw that as well.” (Lisianthus)

The arrow left the string and hit the dashing magic machine exactly on its left shoulder.
A white light emerged from the magic machine and soared up high. Damage was caused to the magic circle driving the magic machine.
The place where the magic machines were located became brighter.

“There are three on the left, can you get them all?” (Jess)
“What is so difficult about it?” (Lisianthus)

Lisianthus spoke easily, but slowly brought an arrow to the string.
In order to break through the magic machine’s armor to cause it to break down and damage it, he had to consume a lot of power.

[It’s not very common that I get to show off my skills in actual combat. It’s been a long time. Can this guy beside me gain something from watching this?] (Lisianthus)

This time, Jess opened his eyes wide and looked straight ahed.
Let’s take a good look now. I can get something useful for life.
The mana of Mother Nature which was near Lisianthus gathered and headed towards the arrow.
At the moment, in the arrow was an incredibly strong energy.
The concentration of pure mana was a daunting shock.
This is the energy that swordsmen gain when they advance to the ultimate level!
The power of the purely condensed mana, despite its extremely destructive nature, was balanced and the form of the arrow was intact.
Even when the arrow left the string, it continued to suck in mana around it greedily as it moved forward.
As the power gets more and more consolidated, it became an uncontrollable destructive power.
The arrow which consistently absorbed more mana in the area finally aimed deeply and accurately into the joint part of the magic machine.
Jess sighed lightly.
This is not something you can get by looking at it.
He roughly understood the principle, but he could not understand how to go about it.
To see an airplane at an airport is different then making a plane yourself.
Arrows flew through the air in the dark night and were embedded into the joints of the magic machines or in the magic circle’s core.
He had a near godly accuracy and penetration ability.
After already being attacked several times, the magic machines summoned a shield to cover their front.
From then on, the direct damage was much less, but Lisianthus’s arrows changed course in midair at impossible angles, either bending sideways or dropping down.
The magicians’ star shells lit up the sky brilliantly, but Lisianthus’s arrows flew across the ground like a snake. (Darknari: A star shell is an artillery shell that explodes in midair with a shower of lights, used for illumination and signaling.)

“Where the hell are they shooting from?” (Enemy Knight A)
“I can not see. I think they’re hiding somewhere nearby…… Magician!” (Enemy Knight B)
“I command in the name of mana. Reveal the existence of the living!” (Enemy Magician)

The magicians searched around, but no one was caught.
Lisianthus and the others were a considerable distance from the magic machines, and because of the elves’ natural magic their presence was assimilated with the earth.
If they find an enemy, they will rush in like an angry wild boar, but they could not find it.
There was no other way for the magic machines to avoid the arrows, which were not visible.
They were just dancing sloppily with their arms and legs flailing around the vicinity.


The girl, Ashlyn, laughed for the first time after getting out of the Imperial Palace.
And now there was awe in the eyes of the knights staring at Lisianthus.

[He is a great archer that could not be found in the Imperial Palace. If it is the margrave, the Duke of Lechandor, who protects the western part of the empire, would he be able to do this?] (Knight A)
[Such skill……! Am I seeing a miracle today?] (Knight B)

Lisianthus gathered up his bow.

“I think this is enough. They will not be able to come after us. Keep moving.” (Lisianthus)

It has been a long time since he showed his skills to humans. He showed the greatness of the bow to Jess, so he believed that he would practice thoroughly during training time.
That was enough of a profit for Lisianthus. Unfortunately, however, Jess did not suffer a shock.
Well, that’s a matter of course.
It’s because he actually knew that Lisianthus had amazing skills.
The Silver-haired Slaughterer of the Gras Empire is not a nickname that elves, as guardians of the forest, would give for nothing.
If there is enough distance, darkness, and stealth is maintained, Lisianthus is a high elf that can be trusted in.

“Let’s go.” (Jess)

Though Jess moves calmly, on the contrary because of the shock of keeping the magic machines in check with arrows, the knights grew timid and walked with heavy steps.

[Is this real? Is it a dream?] (Knight A)
[Am I being held captive and brainwashed with a strange mental magic?] (Knight B)

Though the Phraison scouts were wandering around busily, Lisianthus’s mana arrows were since then removing the targets without fail.
When going to see Herz and Nedhand, Jess and Lisianthus used the swift running of the elves using the forests and fields.
This time, in order to shorten the time, Lisianthus used the group movement magic called ‘Ultimate Dash’.
Even if you move only by one step, you move the distance of about ten steps in one go. It is one of the highest magics of the movement system where the distance and speed increases rapidly when continuously walking.

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