Dawn Traveler 17

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The Activity of Jess (Part 4)

“Well. I think we should split up here now.” (Jess)

Jess told the knights, the boy, and the girl.
A little further from here is the Elven Forest.
The pursuers have already been shaken off, and the enemy knights will not come back without returning to the mage tower and repairing the magic machines.
From here we would split up and they could go wherever they wish.
Before Jess had said that, the boy and girl wanted to go somewhere else before a new encirclement formed.
Ashlyn bowed her head towards Jess.

“Thank you. If we all stayed in that cave, we would have truly died. I understood that after escaping the encirclement. Thanks to you, my brother and the people who protected us could live.” (Ashlyn)
“It’s okay even though I haven’t done anything.” (Jess)

Jess did not use polite speech with Ashlyn.
Herz, Nedhand, and the knights took it as natural.
If he became acquainted with her beforehand, he would have had to lower his head without rising due to his social position, but he saved their lives so the knights did not impose unreasonable courtesy.
The imperial empire has fallen apart and they can not reveal their identity.
He is also a very young child, so it would be ridiculous to insist on courtesy after the big help they had received.
Ashlyn handed over one of the rings she was wearing.

“I will not speak of the absurd rhetoric that nobles uphold, so this will not be long. If the day comes when I will be able to pay back this grace one day, I will surely repay it even if it is several decades later. But with my current situation I can’t promise what will be in the future years, so I’ll give you this ring right now. The ring is precious to me. But it is not worth the life of my brother and I, so sell it if it is necessary.” (Ashlyn)
“I receive it well.” (Jess)

Jess received the ring. It was a platinum ring studded with diamonds.
Mother might love it if I gave it to her.
Anyway, he thought he could accept the price because he saved them.
It was like he had earned money for the first time.

“Then, go well. And I am really grateful for Sir elf’s help as well.”(Ashlyn)

Ashlyn, with her brother Monty, also thanked Lisianthus.
The knights also showed their appreciation for having been saved, and their respect for magic and archery.
It won’t be easy to meet again now.
The knights’, Ashlyn’s, and Monty’s lives may have withered like fallen dead leaves.
The Elven Forest came in sight before Jess’s eyes.

“Just a moment.” (Jess)
“What happened?” (Lisianthus)
“There was something I forgot to say, so I’m going back for a bit to deliver my goodbyes.” (Jess)

Jess asked Lisianthus for understanding and rushed to the place where Ashlyn and the knights were.

“I have something to say.” (Jess)
“What is it?” (Ashlyn)

Ashlyn turned around with her emerald hair waving. Hopefully, this boy will not make a common confession like he is attracted to her.

“I’m not saying good-bye, but…… first try not to misunderstand and stay still.” (Jess)
“Yes?” (Ashlyn)

Jess patted around Ashlyn with his hands.
While hovering near her, he reached out a hand and carefully touched the strings in the air.
Though he was at a distance from Ashlyn, it was a leery act for him to be moving his hand near her body while circling about.
Even though the other side was a noble and he was doing touching gestures, everyone kept still.
Because he was a boy that accompanied that elf with tremendous power, they had a certain sense of expectation.

[Kehuhu. Stupid bitch. She didn’t expect for this day to come for the high and noble Imperial family. She will crawl to my feet, and I will pluck out her nails and teeth, and lock her up in a tower to enjoy for life.] (Creepy Bastard)

Ugh. Your fortune is so……
Jess looked at Ashlyn in pity for a moment.
She had a number of golden strings attached to her, and some dogs were spewing out lewd malice towards her. (Darknari: dog here is someone with vulgar behavior)
And one of the golden strings meant a significant danger would be coming forward before long.
However, there were many people who cherished her.

[Ahh. A good and wise person. You have escaped safely…….]
[It’s not possible. Lady Princess. You can not come here……already, the Duke Anselm is prepared to do something horrible to the princess. I have no means to inform you……Knight Paoni. If the princess really comes, I have nothing but this life, but I will raise up a sword for you.]

He roughly understand her situation by reading the thoughts about her.
What a convenient ability to read long distance thoughts!
The situation is received. It is not the worst, because there are some people who cherish her. It is thanks to her accumulating virtue in her daily life. Of course, her beauty plays a part.
Jess opened his mouth towards her.

— Ashlyn’s POV —

“You are going to see Duke Anselm, right?” (Jess)
“……!” (Ashlyn)

Ashlyn opened her eyes wide.
Their destination was a secret they put their lives on the line to protect

“You!” (Ashlyn)
“I should not say anything like this, but……do not go. If you go, you will probably die miserably. Or maybe it would be better to die than survive.” (Jess)
“On what grounds are you making such a preposterous statement?” (Ashlyn)

Ashlyn was cold and crisp, but her voice was already slightly trembling.

“For the sake of not harming a child’s mental health, I don’t want to elaborate on the secret lowbrow hobbies of the duke. The most dependable person you can count on is the Marquis Theobold. It would be a little safer if you went to him.” (Jess)
“Why should we believe and follow your word?” (Ashlyn)
“I am a nine year old who can’t tell lies.” (Jess)

It was not an objective answer that causes confidence.
However, he said that he was nine years old in the cave, and he told them to follow him saying that he would save them.
Whether Jess was believable or not, Ashlyn had more skeptical doubts.
I have seen Marquis Theobold a few times in my youth, and he does not have any involvement in central politics…….
Ashlyn had to put off that thought first and then asked.

“If you are right, I will owe you a great favor. But why are you doing well by me?” (Ashlyn)
“That’s……because you are pretty.” (Jess)

Jess responded frankly.


Rendall went to the Information Guild in the city Ellim near the Elven Forest.

“Rumor has it that Rogenak’s army burned the castle. And it seems Sir Nedhand and Sir Herz are not coming back because of that.” (Rendall)
“Honey. Now, those two are not the only problem. Jess is gone!” (Laeli)
“What?” (Rendall)

Then, in order to find Jess in the Elven Forest, the couple wandered around with Grona.

“Oi, Jess!” (Rendall)
“Jess. If you can hear mama, answer me.” (Laeli)

The elves who knew Jess also participated in the search.
It was because the elves did not know that he went out with Lisianthus.
The elves asked for help and the wolves and sparrows searched all day to find the Jess.

“Jess. Jess! (Alrium)

Alrium tearfully went to look for him without leaving out the springs and cliffs she went to with Jess.
Then Jess came back with Lisianthus, Nedhand, and Herz.

“Mama. Dad. I went out of the woods and brought back Uncle Nedhand and Uncle Herz!” (Jess)

Jess did a good job. He had also saved those two uncles whose lives were threatened.
While submitting to the increased archery training time to seven hours every day!
It was a long time since he was out of the Elven Forest, and his mind was preoccupied by the adventure in his own way.
Jess’s misfortune was that he had no knowledge about the mental state of Rendall and Laeli as he looked around a bit.

“Damn brat!” (Rendall)
“Oh, Jess!” (Laeli)

Rendall and Laeli came running with thick canes in their hands.
Even Grona was picking up green wood with good elasticity to beat him with.

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