Dawn Traveler 18

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The Growth of Herz (Part 1)

When Yeon Woo turned 11 years old, his view of the world became deeper and wider.

“It’s already been four years since I have entered elementary school. I feel like I was admitted a day or two ago, but time really went by fast. So fast.” (Yeon Woo)

The relationship maintained with the girls was not bad.

“I have to raise them well. I have mentally lived a long time…….But to match up to my mental age, it isn’t like I can meet a 40 year old auntie when I’m 20. I can pick up one these girls later.” (Yeon Woo)

The elementary school kids really went crazy when he tells fun stories like the story of Jess’s adventure and the story of the knights of the Marca Continent.

“Oh, Yeon Woo. There you are.” (Girl)
“Why.” (Yeon Woo)
“I have something to tell you.” (Girl)
“What?” (Yeon Woo)

When they were alone, he was confessed to by a girl who had nicely braided hair.

“I like you. Will you go out with me?” (Girl)

Yeon Woo thought that it was still too fast and put on a serious look to persuade her.

“I fully understand your heart. But at our age the feelings of love can quickly change as we grow.” (Yeon Woo)
“No! It won’t.” (Girl)
“Emotions are not that simple. When you enter a snack shop, you want to eat tteokbokki.” (Yeon Woo) (Darknari: Tteokbokki is made with rice cakes, fish cakes, and a sweet red chili sauce; here’s a recipe I found)
“Uh-huh. I want to eat it. I ate it yesterday because it was delicious.” (Girl)
“However, you might feel sick of it if you just eat tteokbokki. Have you ever left a store while reluctantly leaving behind some tteokbokki?” (Yeon Woo)
“T-that is……I do not eat anymore when I’m full.” (Girl)
“Right? That makes sense. We’re still young. As you get older, you will have a different sense of values from the perspective you have now. You will also try to achieve dreams or goals and meet people you really like. The brief time spent in elementary school will be forgotten like it was nothing.” (Yeon Woo)
“Ah. Is that so?” (Girl)

It was not difficult to coax an elementary school girl.
He was looking forward to the future, yet he had a hard time imagining that he would be dating those little kids in the far off days. (Darknari: google gave me boys :))
He was able to get to know the world more deeply by watching television and then news than when he was in elementary school.

“Later, I will have to worry about how to live in this world. The national pension is unstable…….Can it really be maintained until the time that I can partake of it?” (Yeon Woo)

Considering his age of 11, he was not at the age to worry about old age, so his interest in society was just an interest.
Aside from that one thing, Yeon Woo went to elementary school comfortably.
Since he’s a friend of Han Cheol-Jae, nobody dared bother him, and studying has also not been so difficult yet.
Even if there are problems that he did not know about in an exam, there is a model student, Kim Han-Jin, in the same class.

[Studying is too easy. Kukukuku. I want to be a scientist in the future. I want to do research, publish in a world renowned academic journal, and get a lot of successful patents. I will establish a company and earn money beyond my imagination.] (Kim Han-Jin)

Kim Han-Jin is an elementary school student but he is fiercely ambitious and devotes himself to his studies.
Dogged reading comprehension…….Such children are really those children who become remarkable.
Kim Han-Jin had not one wrong answer every time he took an exam, and he was learning English and Japanese through early education.

“Here, drink some strawberry milk.” (Yeon Woo)
“Thank you. My friend.” (Kim Han-Jin)
“No. I’m glad I can get along with a good kid like you.” (Yeon Woo)

Kim Han-Jin made a sound of embarrassment from Yeon Woo’s praise. It was no exaggeration to say that he was almost the only friend of Kim Han-Jin who was a bookworm.
Yeon Woo played with him during recess and also ate lunch with him during lunch break.
He quietly mobilized Han Cheol-Jae’s personal connections to prevent anyone from harassing Kim Han-Jin.

[Yeon Woo is a highly respectable child in many ways.] (Kim Han-Jin)

He had this pure belief because he did not know the dark side of Yeon Woo.
Books do not tell all the facts of life. Children who study well surprisingly had a lot of naive parts.
Since I have a few friends who are smart people in my life, it’s easy to relax.
If a friend with good grades gets ahead in his career, will not a lot of money drop done on those nearby?
If he had a problem that he did not know during an exam, he could read Kim Han-Jin’s thoughts and easily raise his grade.
Kim Han-Jin is burning with ambition but is being exploited by the guy he believes to be his most closest friend!
Life is a process, whatever it is, if you can eat well, you should live well.
While attending elementary school, when Yeon Woo was bored he frequently snacked and took naps.
Jess spent most of his life in consecutive training, so he had to take plenty of rest in this world.
No matter the hardship in the other world, there won’t be physical fatigue in this world.
However, he amassed so much mental fatigue from the other world that he has to take a good rest here.
In addition, as he lived in the Elven Forest, he very much desired meat.

“Pork belly, hamburger, sweet and sour pork, pizza, hot dog…….hm. Though there is nothing better than fried chicken, it’s the best invention. This world is really appealing, too.” (Yeon Woo)

At other restaurants you are finished once you eat the food.
At a chicken-house not only do they deliver food as you wish when you phone in, but they also offer coupons!
Presently his parents are concerned about the health and unbalanced diet of their children and since his older brother and younger siblings turn greedy when they see fried chicken, he could not easily eat it, however, when he is independent in the future he will surely frequent a mouthwatering chicken-house.
It was the most important of Yeon Woo’s goals that he had in this world.


For the past year, Jess’s tasks in the Elven Forest was solely education and training.
There was nothing else in the Elven Forest that needed to be done, and teaching Jess was worthwhile and enjoyable.

“It is crucial for a magician to quickly employ mana. In an actual fight, the spell completion time often saves lives. It would not be relevant if you only academically approached magic, but for your sake it is very important to travel around the continent and battle and survive against enemies.” (Herz)

Having been taught by Herz, he succeeded in practice of the first circle magic.

“Fire bolt!” (Jess)

A ray of fire fell from the sky onto the rock Jess’s finger pointed at.

“Ohh. I did it.” (Jess)

When the magic effect disappeared the rock was blackened!
As the magic power increases, the rock may melt immediately, but that would be at a level much higher than now.

“There are many dangerous things outside the forest. You can say that a sword defends the body at any time. Today, let’s learn the basic swordsmanship of the Heant Kingdom.” (Rendall)
“Yes!” (Jess)

As his physique grew bigger through training and growth, Jess also became accustomed to manipulating the light wooden sword.
Rendall traveled to many parts of the continent, and was able to learn the basics of various distinguishing styles of swordsmanship since he had been living as a mercenary.
Usually, if you show talent at either the sword or magic, you would focus your learning on that area.
If you are a noble, you would mostly choose the sword because of the necessity of dealing with knights, it is the same for freemen and commoners.
Because magic is a discipline that money goes into without end.
In the case of Jess, the talent he displayed for sword and magic were both vaguely superior.

“This guy is a magician. His ability to understand mana is excellent and his house of mana is strong. I’m not sure since it’s still early, but he has the potential to grow into a high rank magician.” (Herz)
“Swordsmanship is better anyways. His talent has not shown itself a great deal, but he will be gifted with it as he is my child. And he will not want to live trapped in the mage tower for the rest of his life.” (Rendall)
“How can you call that trapped? Studying at the mage tower is a dream of magicians. It is not dull to dig up the truths of the profound world and to judge the laws of nature.” (Herz)

Whenever Herz and Rendall meet they would argue about the matter of the ten year old Jess’s path.
It would be easier to select a field if he were to reveal a solid talent at either one.
However, there was no concession because of his good performance in both the sword and magic.
As an effect of them wanting him to obtain results in their own fields, the intensity of Jess’s teaching has been steadily increasing.

“There is something I want to make from the materials I brought from the outside, so let’s train next time. You have become accustomed to discovering traps, so it will be okay to put it off for a year or so. Oh, by the way, could you ask the elves if I could have any beer they might have?” (Nedhand)

It was fortunate that he did not often receive blacksmith training from the dwarf Nedhand.

“The basics of the bow can be said to be accuracy. Any movement should be properly adjusted.” (Lisianthus)

Lisianthus’s training also continued.
Rendall or Herz are not the absolute strongest in the fields of sword and magic.
They were predicting the growth of Jess according to their own standards and teaching him accordingly.
Jess was only similar to Herz to the degree of understanding the purity of mana, and he read Rendall’s thoughts during combat and absorbed his experience and ability to adapt.
They were like private tutors who did not know how cleverly talented their student was.
However, Lisianthus was different.
He was a high elf.

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