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Proof of the Weakest!?

Erevan Assad Rinokeros.
As the 1st Demon Lord, she is the strongest demon lord in this world.

About 500 years ago, a small country who provoked her wrath was said to have been literally shattered by her hand.
Towards the southern part of the True Continent, islands are all that remains of that wreckage. Because its shape resembled a flower, they are being called the [Flower of Tragedy] now. It is said that fear of the demon lord is strongly seared into the hearts of the people.
By the way, this story was heard from Paimon later on.

“I am Amduscias. As the 13th Demon Lord, I am the newcomer that was born the other day.” (Cias)

I also returned a self introduction for the time being.
I exchanged a handshake with Tile glancing at the beautiful woman.

She was about 170 cm (5’7”). Her silver hair that extended to the back of her knees was shining brightly as it fluttered in the wind.

“Hehee. Our Erevan is a beautiful woman, isn’t she?” (Tile)

Somewhat prideful, he puffed out his chest.
I can understand that feeling.

For example, as long as their lover is a beautiful woman, any man can not help but boast.

Or rather, is Tile even a man?
With his outward appearance, coupled with the fluffy curly hair, he makes quite a beautiful girl. So wasteful.

“By the way Amduscias, you, why have you taken up residence here?” (Tile)

Tile asks me with his usual smile.

“Not even flattery is fitting for this location here, right?
It’s not just water and food. There is no distribution, moreover, it is close to the True Continent, and even the eyes of the other demon lords are absolutely limited.
To the you who has just been born, don’t you think that this place is a little too severe?” (Tile)

For an instant, I was worried.

Whether to answer honestly or not. Well, I gave an answer right away though.

“I am being requested by a certain person. They wish to put an end to the conflict between the humans and the Demon Lords.” (Cias)
“Ho!” (Tile)

To my answer, Tile’s eyes opened widely in surprise.

“I see. That’s why you’re here. If you can split both continents here, and if you revise the dungeon from before, then even breaking through by itself becomes quite difficult.
I see. I see.

However, isn’t this a thorny road? Let alone humans, you might even make enemies of demons.
No matter how much it is said that you are a demon lord, only someone like Erevan can pick a fight with the world as their opponent. Moreover, your birth, with just a glance seems poor, isn’t it?
What I’m saying is not wrong. Wouldn’t it be safer to move your base right away?” (Tile)

Tile’s advice is quite right. I mean, I also thought so at first and tried to refuse god’s request.

“Yeahh………, I have temporarily taken this up and to throw it away as useless, I do not want to do such a thing.” (Cias)
“Hmm? Well, though it’s good that we are not interested in the dispute with the humans, the other demon lords might not be silent.” (Tile)
“So it’s like that after all………. Incidentally, may I ask how you all broke through the Great Wall Labyrinth in such a short amount of time?” (Cias)

With that Great Wall Labyrinth and also the Labyrinth of Faith, for it to be no more than two people, moreover, it is not something that can be cleared in a few minutes.
If there is something like a demon lord power that can influence the dungeon, my life is like a candle before the wind as Tile had said. (Darknari: it actually said light, but I couldn’t resist XD)

“Ah, yeah. That. Since it was troublesome, we flew in the sky.” (Tile)

Right, of course.
I was floating, or something like that, when I came here.

“Andre, after this the flight countermeasures………” (Cias)
《Yes. I will consider a few plans.》 (Andre)

To the voice that echoed from my chest pocket, Tile’s, and even Erevan’s, eyes opened wide in surprise.

“What was that just now? Is it communication magic or something? However, I did not really sense the invocation………” (Tile)

Tile asked in a very interested tone of voice.

“That’s, well, it’s a trade secret.” (Cias)

I eluded it lightly here.
If he takes an interest and Andre is stolen away, that would be very bad.

“Well that’s fine.
Ahaha, sorry, though I was just going to drop in for a moment, it has developed into drawn-out meddling.” (Tile)
“No, I was still just born not too long ago, as well.
It was amiable, and in any case, it was delightful that I was able to be acquainted with a demon lord who was not hostile.” (Cias)
“I am happy you say so.
I, personally, have become interested in you. Therefore, do not die easily.” (Tile)
“I will endeavor to do so.” (Cias)
Apparently, these two people are truly just stopping by. If they leave without incident I will be grateful.

“See you, Amduscias-kun.” (Tile)

Saying so, Tile waves his hand and tries to leave.


“You, why weak?” (Erevan) (Darknari: she speaks!!)

Suddenly Erevan, who kept silent all this time, opened her mouth.

To this, not just me but even Tile was surprised, he looked back and stared at us in wonder.

“You, demon lord. No doubt. But weak. Why?” (Erevan)

While wracking my brain at her childish speech, I looked at Tile. An interpretation was requested.

“Errr………, it’s hard to say it, but it seems weak for a demon king, your, how should I put it………, uh, glimpse of power? I really do not see anything like it.
Apparently, Erevan seemed to be interested in that.
Erevan, surely he is hiding his power very well. Such a way of speaking to the opposite party can damage the mood, and create unnecessary fights. Like 500 years ago.” (Tile)
“Different. Tile, this guy weak. I know.” (Erevan)
“………” (Tile)
“………” (Erevan)

With Tile having a troubled expression, I looked about to cry.

No, even as a compliment I will not seem to look strong, even if nothing is said to that extent.
That is to say, I actually have a variety of cheat-like magic skills that god gave me.
With what is being said here, if were to say I was not annoyed, it would be a lie.

“Err, Erevan, is that right?” (Cias)
“Nn. Me, Erevan.” (Erevan)

She has an outward appearance of a peerless beauty and yet, her speech and gestures are awfully childish.

“Even though I may appear this way, for the time being I can say that I am a demon lord. Can I also use magic to defend myself?” (Cias)
“Lie! That is lie. You, magic, not possible to use. Power also, weak. You, weak.” (Erevan)

I’m annoyed after all.
It’s “that”. Here with one shot, about the use of even flashy magic, I was struck dumb by this child.

“If you say it to that extent, let me try to look for a bit.” (Cias)

When I said so, I turned around towards the wide plains where there was no one around.

The magic I will use is the highest grade fire magic [Bath Catastrophe]. With the extra-high power magic, if it’s shot once, the wide range that must be converted into somewhat of a dome is enfolded into a scorching hot storm.
A good child must not use this magic towards humans.

“Here goes. [Bath Catastrophe]!!” (Cias)


Before me, with the wasteland the same as ever, Tile had a troubled expression and Erevan was expressionless.

………is it already okay to cry?

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      1. The original setting of the MC from the “Because I’ve Been Reincarnated as the Piggy Duke, This Time I Will Say I Like You” novel (in this novel in the original setting the MC was a noble genius child, but then he fell in love with a (fallen royalty) slave girl, so he sabotaged himself (become fat, started bullying others, got bad grades on porpose) in order to be disowned and have the same status as the slave girl and marry her, but thanks to his bad attitudes the girl he sacrificed everything for ended with another (useless) guy and he end up dying as a slave in another territory)


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