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The Skin of the 2nd Person is Super Soft!?

Well, with this the state of the dungeon is good for the time being.
There are a few other things that I can think of, but it is still good for now.

Next is concerning the dungeon management.

If possible, I would like the dungeon to have frequent guests.
In other words, something delicious needs to be offered.

First is the armor that I made.
With the benefits of Level 100 Blacksmith it is definitely practicable, it will not be a problem as long as I spend time on it.

The problem is that the Alchemy and Mixing Skill can not be used at all at the moment.
First of all, it really hurts that there are no materials. For this, I should seriously walk further to other places soon.

So for now, let’s make things like simple items made with the dungeon’s ability as rewards.
Two pairs of earrings that enable communication.
A disposable ring that could allow transitioning to a place that was marked.
A bag that can refrigerate ingredients.
When charged with magic, a pan that heats up even if there is no fire.

Something like this.

Well, if you asked for something like armor endowed with magic, there is nothing I can say but my condolences.

Since I do not know the technical level of this world, I decided to circulate only in small doses first.
With this, if the number of humans visiting this dungeon explosively increases, the amount of circulation should be suppressed.
If the necessary amount overflows the world, people will stop coming.

“Cias-sama, I have come back from helping the orcs.”

Paimon appeared smiling at me who had went through various trials and errors.

Apparently, it seems that she had been helping clean the water purification facilities because her whole body is dripping wet.
Paimon frequently helps the orcs.
She seems to be glad about working together with her comrades.

It’s the perfect time to ask her a question.

“Hey Paimon. Actually soon I want to go to a nearby place that is as prosperous as possible………”

Before she even finished listening to my words, Paimon’s cheerful expression stiffened and changed into what could be described as a parabola.

“Er………, why are you?”

“N-no. When speaking of the neighboring prosperous town, it will be in the area where Demon Lord Cauchon-sama is governing.
If Cias-sama expresses a wish to go, it is not certain, but Cauchon-sama is famous as a demon lord with a rough temper. He is also ambitious for a war with the True Continent, and there were plans for an invasion soon. (Darknari: Don’t know if it’s a he or she yet)
If it is known that Cias-sama is the demon lord who rules over this land, what in the world will happen………”

I feel like I’m being tacitly told to drop the matter.
Certainly, as I have built a dungeon here, I might not have a good impression.
Hm, let’s stop here.

“Paimon apart from that, how was the appearance of the water purification plant?”

I do not have to worry about parts wearing out, but I do worry that there might be some mistakes.
Though it was an assessment question, Paimon’s answer is completely different from what I had expected.

“Yes. Today the undine was quite lively.
However, as the orcs said that ‘Since an undine is a spirit, it is not possible to eat it’, unfortunately, it seems I couldn’t get it out of the water for dinner.”


Another name for it would be Water Spirit Undine.

I don’t have much knowledge about it, but aren’t they normally found in fresh water like rivers and lakes?
Well, my knowledge is only of Earth, so it is unavoidable that there will be a discrepancy with this world.

“This is?”

When I went towards the orcs location, in front of my eyes there is just a mass of water.
No, at this point the words a mass of water are not right.
It’s that, as it is now it’s appearance is like a slime.

“Aren’t you being rude you know?”

The mass of water talked.

“I am an undine you know. Among spirits, I’m an existence of high rank you know. Quickly, put me in clean water you know.” (Darknari: her speech pattern is going to quickly become annoying)

What a strange way to talk. Well~ it’s fine.

“Paimon, if you stay wet forever, you will catch a cold, you orcs too. Get into the bath and change clothes.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Understood, Cias-sama.”

“Do not ignore me you know!”

While watching those fellows scatter in groups of twos and threes, I turn to the slime in front of me. No, it’s an undine.

“Why are you in such a place?”

“The lake that I lived in got dirty you know, and as I was looking for a new residence along the sea, I was caught in the fence here you know?”

Yeah………, it doesn’t seem to have come to spy from somewhere. If you believe in its words.

“What if we do not offer you water?”

“That would be awfully unpleasant! Seawater is not good. Water that isn’t muddied is good.”

I see.
I don’t need to drink or eat, but though I won’t die, I will feel very thirsty and hungry. If an undine doesn’t have water either, will it dry out mentally?

“It’s all right, a little while ago I had my companions prepare water.”



This undine, is somehow cute.
Though the appearance is a slime, it trembles softly when speaking, somewhat like a small animal.

I will try touching it a little.
Hm. It feels pleasantly cool and soft.

“Wai-! What are you doing touching so familiarly you know!! I am a high-ranking–––huh? You, your magic is somehow comfortable you know? Perhaps you are a user of spirit magic you know?”

“Nn? A-ah, no, it’s not possible for me to use it. I just simply have the Spirit Magic Skill.”

“I do not really understand you know? Looking at you there also seems to be numerous magics and that there are many spirits that lend you power you know?”

Uu……. An innocent question is painful. I wonder if I have to say it. Haa~……. It’s no good.

“No, I cannot release magic. That kind of magic cannot be used.”

“Oh dear, you know. Such a waste even though I found such pleasant feeling magic you know.”

“Please tell that to god.”

“It’s so dreadful, you know.”

It is that. It’s definitely dreadful.
That’s why the dungeon was hastily completed.

“Apart from that, the bath should have been prepared any time now, let’s go.”

“Hm, you know!”

I lift up the undine and entered the temple.

So pleasantly cool and soft.


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