Dawn Traveler 25

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Rescuing the Kid

It doesn’t feel like a living person……. And it has a very simple repetitive will.

When Jess hesitated, Herz nodded his head.

“You noticed it well and stopped. In a dungeon, you should continue to feel the flow of mana without releasing tension. Let me resolve this.”

Herz turned around the corner first, and what appeared was a sword floating in the air!

“It’s a spell called ‘flying sword’. Even when I was at the Mage Tower, many magicians learned this because it had a lot of uses.”

The magician’s will was nested within the spell and given the task of repelling intruders.

Though it was a magic of about the 4th circle, the spell was fairly difficult to succeed since you needed to grant it offensive ability and an ego.

It was more convenient than traps because it would recognize the owner and those who were allowed to enter.

Above all, it was also effective in defeating monsters, but it was hard to maintain so you need to be a 5th circle to fully make use of this spell.



Herz’s magic dropped the sword to the floor.

6th circle magician.

Even though he did not know any high level spells of this circle, he had enough ability to release simple magic.

“Let’s keep going. I’m starting to anticipate this a little.”

They proceeded to the end of the dungeon and the place where the magician had lived in came into view.

In the spacious lab and study, there were hundreds of books, parchments, magic ingredients, and considerable amounts of gold and jewels.

The body of the magician was found on the bed.

Judging from the skeletal remains, it seemed that almost a hundred years had passed just as they had presumed.

“He must have died suddenly in his sleep. Many magicians that live by themselves without raising disciples end up like this. His name…… according to the self-written book seen here, it is Raven.”

Herz and Rendall collected the magician’s bones and buried them in the ground.

It was the basic courtesy given to the dead while raiding tombs!

Nedhand and Grona appraised the items that seemed of value and put them in the magic rucksack.

Pricey handicrafts were packaged separately to avoid scratches or breaks.

Jess naturally had nothing to do so he watched the party’s behavior.

This is quite a good income. If we sell it through the black market, we’ll get at least 10,000 gold.

The dungeons of a dead magician mostly had large harvests. This was because the magic books, items, materials and gold that they had accumulated in their lifetime can be obtained intactly.

Ordinary children are often dense about these financial considerations, but Jess thoroughly examined and calculated it.

For the magic items, Herz made a separate appraisal, and when a particularly good item came out, it would be repaired and be used by the rest of the party.

Such items included Nedhand’s axe, Rendall’s gloves and boots, and Laeli’s priestess robes.

Magicians were extraordinary in their greed to collect stuff, so they got better items the more outstanding their skill became.

“Now, this you can use.”

Herz found a small sword and handed it to Jess.

“What is this?”

“It is a sword with a ‘sharpened blade’ enchantment.”

“Then this is the magic arms I’ve only heard spoken of?”

“It can have a head-on collision and cleave ordinary long swords. The enchantment level is quite high. Be careful using it. You should not be surprised if you use it on animals, it can cause quite brutal results.”

“I will use it with caution.”

Jess received the sword with both hands.

It was a suitable weight and length for a child that was not fully grown.

Even though it was not a notable sword, it was a magic sword.

The children of high nobility received a magic sword earlier on, but Jess was not envious.

If they depended on the sharpness of the sword, their skill in the sword would not increase or it would develop abnormally.

Jess removed the child’s sword from his waist and inserted the magic sword. He felt as if he had finally become a proud knight.

Of course, he knew that being in an actual fight was important, but in his heart he honestly didn’t want to experience that yet.

“Well, let’s leave now. There’s no need to stay long.”

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a considerable harvest.”

They escaped the dungeon and headed back towards the Elven Forest.

They saw over a hundred goblins moving in hordes with various weapons.

Laeli spoke worriedly.

“Hmm. Judging by the fact that they are acting in groups, I think the goblins are going to do a joint attack.”

Rendall was of the same opinion.

“After the collapse of the House of Earl Parker, the public order became wrecked. There’s a small village nearby where people have gathered to live, so it seems they are going to plunder it.”

“Shouldn’t we stop them?”

“Naturally we should stop them.”

Among monsters, goblins were the worst.

They were not very strong, but they moved around in groups and boasted a terrifying procreation rate.

When they spread out, not only humans living in villages, but also elves, dwarves, and other races and animals, were all subject to indiscriminate plundering and slaughter.

They were easily defeated when the imperial army came, but until the time of subjugation, the goblins cause infinite amounts of damage to the surroundings.

Of course, they were not completely annihilated, so they endlessly invaded dungeons, caves, and mountain villages.

“Please leave this to me.”

Grona pulled out her bow. Jess was alongside her so he pulled out the bow he received from Lisianthus.

“Is the bet still valid?”

“Of course.”

*Thwish, thwish!*

Grona and Jess shot arrows as soon as they were notched on the string.

To other people it looked like they were playing around shooting the arrows as fast as they could, but they struck precisely on the goblins’ bodies, which were far away.


“It’s an ambush.”

The morale of the goblins collapsed severely. In order to avoid the attacks, the goblins in front darted off or hid behind the surrounding trees and rocks.

From there Grona and Jess aimed at the fleeing ones first, then the goblins that were hiding.

Even though it was shoddy and poor the goblins were dressed in armor.

They had leather or low quality iron over their clothes, some were even laden with tree branches that they hung on their body.

When goblins attacked a village, the thing they were wary of the most were arrows, so they at the least wore armor.

However, Grona and Jess only aimed precisely at their heads or hearts.

It was good for both sides to have such a clean kill.

Even though they were goblins he didn’t want to see them struggling in pain, besides these guys were not in the habit of rescuing their wounded.

[It’s really amazing how he can follow me like this.]

Originally, Grona was going to moderate herself to raise Jess’s confidence. But the speed of Jess’s rapid fire did not seem to lag behind her either.

The arrow that was shot from Jess’s bowstring accurately struck the body of a goblin.

[Let’s try it a little quicker. If he has excellent skills, deliberately letting him off will raise his vanity. I’ll go at it with all my power.]

The goblins were greeted with a calamity as Grona and Jess competed in pelting them with arrows.

With their poor vision they did not see the arrows that flew with proficiency from a distance.

Some of the shots hit the ground and trees, or broke upon rocks, but most of them took the lives of the goblins.

“Eukeet! It’s a failure!”

“It’s no good. Quickly retreat!”

Until the goblins had completely ran away the number of corpses left behind was 56.

Grona hunted down 31 and Jess 25.

“You did well. But since you lost the bet, you have to wash the dishes.”

“Urk. I thought I would win…….”

As they watched Jess, Rendall and Laeli felt that he had done a commendable job.

There was no shame in losing to an elf in an archery contest.

Though he took lessons in archery from Lisianthus, to think that he was able to shoot arrows so splendidly like this.

[As expected, he is indeed my son. After growing a little more his skill in the bow will be on the same level as an elf. On the battlefield that kind of archery is really frightening.]

Nedhand and Herz unconsciously showed looks of shock.

[This guy is good. He seems to have talent in combat, should I teach him how to wield an axe this time?]

[Even though magic and archery are different fields, if there is such a degree of observation, quick reactions, concentration…… I also have to make him into a magician.]

In fact, Jess did not do his best either.

I wouldn’t have won even if I had used all my power.

He wasn’t learning just the the basics in rapid firing and accuracy from Lisianthus but high rank techniques of the tricks in archery as well.

He wasn’t at the point yet where he could control a domain and grant that mana to an arrow, nonetheless he had many techniques that he could use.

By notching several arrows on the bow string he could gather them all at once to simultaneously attack a single point, or he could put mana in an arrow and burst it mid-flight sweeping the surroundings.

He wasn’t experienced with it so the power wasn’t overwhelming, but it was more than enough to injure or kill the goblins.

In addition, with just a light pull from the morgis bow that was gifted to him by Lisianthus, arrows flew far and fast.

If he had shot while properly pulling it to the end, he would have completely penetrated the bodies of the goblins coupled with a tremendous rupture.

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