Dawn Traveler 26

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Rescuing the Kid (Part 2)

My skills have increased quite a bit, too.

Jess was proud as he once more slung his bow onto his back.

The sword and the bow. Having prepared these two important weapons, he was delighted to be able to venture out with his parents in the future!

At that time Grona slitted her eyes. Her skin color was the black of the dark elves, but her frame was a little bit small, so she was cute. (Darknari: Asians are obsessed with white skin, so that’s probably where this is coming from)

“There’s someone there.”


“The goblins have him tied to the stick they’re carrying. He is still alive.

Jess was preoccupied with shooting arrows at the goblins, so he wasn’t paying attention to what they were holding.

Grona had a lot of experience so she noticed earlier.

“I’ll have to go there.”

“Let’s go together.”

“I’ll also…….”

“Jess, you stay here.”

Grona and Nedhand lowered their bodies and approached cautiously.

Even though they were cowardly goblins, they became very cruel when they grouped up.

They observed them again and launched an attack, and furthermore because of the nature of their profession they didn’t let down their guard like other humans would.

Who is it?

Jess read the other’s thoughts through the golden string connected to him.

At the moment of saving his life, the line of destiny was connected.

[Wow. I thought after being caught by the goblins I would be eaten, but these other people saved me……. I just barely managed to live.]

The other was beside himself with his escape from death.

[Che. They kicked me out of the village for just beating the other kids a little bit……. I nearly became goblin food.]

Then Grona released him and brought him back. It was a little boy, who was smaller than Jess and appeared to be about 10 years old.

“H-hello. Thank you for saving me. I don’t know how to repay you for this kindness.”

The boy spoke in a way that was mature for his age. In addition, his eyes kept roaming about while speaking.

[Wow. What the. A dwarf and a dark elf. There’s a priestess, a warrior, and a magician. I don’t know much about magicians, but the air around him is no joke.]

“Tut-tut, you must have suffered a lot. Are you hungry?”

At Rendall’s words the boy nodded frantically.

“Yes sir. I am at that.”

“Eat this.”

He gave him a stiff and hard bread soaked in water which he ate while slowly looking about.

Though a young boy he was used to a harsh life.

“Alright, what happened?”

“Yes sir. So my hometown is Jennon Village under the rule of Earl Haillot. By the way, I lost my parents early last year…….”

[My parents always drank everyday then they ran away with all the money in the house, but I don’t have to say that.]

“I want to do something great in the future, so I live by wandering around to gain experience.”

“You must have suffered many hardships.”

“Yes sir. It’s a difficult time for everyone. Still, I helped the merchants with their work.”

[The merchants are so stingy. They kept working me hard for several days, so I’ve escaped in the middle of the night numerous times. I just have to punch some kids and I’ll get the food and stuff I need.]

“Up until recently, I stayed in the village of Leboi, and I was caught by the goblins while I was out.”

“Alright. What are you going to do in the future? If there’s a village you know I’ll take you there, or I can send you to the top.”

“If it is not too rude to ask, may I know where you are heading to?”

“Well, for the moment we are heading to Ellim.”

“Then, can you take me to Ellim?”

[Ellim is a big trading city. It will be a little bit better there since it has not been hit by the civil war. That’s good. There will be no one who knows me if I go there.]

“Let’s do that then.”

Rendall decided to take him to Ellim as he wanted, without asking for the reason.

Rendall, Nedhand, and Herz looked at each other and nodded.

They had a lot of experience travelling around the continent, so they wouldn’t straightforwardly believe in the words of this little kid.

He was far too calm compared to the situation in which a little kid might have suffered terribly to the goblins.

It was obvious that he was not a naive and good-natured kid, but they had no reason to aggressively ferret that out.

He was just a kid, so they thought it would be okay to take him to the nearest city and their relationship would end.

On the road to Ellim, in the middle of the night, while Grona was on night watch, the boy stopped Jess and lead him to a quiet place.

“Oh, you are 12 years old? Actually, I am twelve years old, too. Can I speak informally?”

The boy was originally one year younger, but told a lie in order to match his age. It was because he did not see Jess shooting arrows when he was tied up by the goblins.

“My name’s Marvin. What’s yours?”


“Your speech is a bit short. Anyway, I’m lenient on those kinda things, so don’t be tense. Rather, do you got any money? Take it out if you do.”


“If you don’t give it up while I’m being nice, I won’t be responsible for what happens next. It won’t take very long for me to break the arms and legs of green kids like you. When you start to get a nosebleed, I won’t forgive you even if you cry and beg.”

“Well, then I’ll give you this.”

Jess pulled out one gold coin from his pocket.

It was a gold coin that he picked up and set aside as a memento of the magician’s dungeon.

“Th-this is a gold coin. Are you really giving it to me? You’re not joking, right?”

“Yes, it’s the medical fees.”

“I suffered a little when I was caught by the goblins, but there’s no place that hurts?”

“The place that will be injured will happen later. I was a little worried about whether to educate you or leave you be. Building up a person, this situation could also be called a connection. So what can I do?”

Jess quietly raised his fist.

Rendall, Grona, Nedhand, Herz, and of course those in the Elven Forest, there was nobody clearly weaker than himself.

You’re definitely in for it. All right. There must be some flavor in this world.

He was filled with delight that he could relieve the stress that accumulated through sparring and training by leading this kid to the proper path.


Marvin was left to the owner of Ellim’s tavern.

Nedhand would occasionally go there to buy beer in bulk. The owner was a bulky middle-aged man with a mercenary background.

“I needed a worker in the bar so I’ll look after him from now on. I can’t say I will raise him up very well, but I will not forget to feed him.”

This kindness was not small since at this time there were migrants swarming in from the Gras Empire.

“That’s enough. Boy, I’ll come see you once in awhile, so grow well.”

Herz stroked Marvin’s head.

Marvin’s face that was unscathed at the time of his rescue from the goblins had distinct deep blue marks, but none of them were bothered about it.

There was no one who would have hit him but Jess anyway.

[Kids grow closer together while fighting. I was worried that by growing up among elves he would be weak-natured, but that was a needless fear.]

What part of Jess was a normal boy.

He grasped magic as a newborn baby and he mastered the use of his body at 5-6 years of age.

Ever since he was able to feel mana, he had been receiving more and more stronger training from Rendall!

Since it was the work of his own son he just folded his arms.

[It’s better than running away.]

Grona’s sense of loyalty as a dark elf was deep.

During the night watch she halted as with her sharp ears she heard pounding sounds from the two in the distance.

[If Sir Jess happens to be any danger, I’ll eliminate him. I’ll sever his windpipe with an arrow.]

She had nimbly set an arrow against the bow.

Nedhand was a rough dwarf.

The next day when he saw Marvin’s black and blue face, he clucked his tongue.

[Hmm. Jess was too soft. If a dwarf child was wild, that amount would not be enough to correct his behavior. No, with this he can still chew his food properly.]

Unfortunately for Marvin, all of the adults were standing together with Jess from the beginning.

Although Laeli was a priestess and usually had deep compassion, she was also the mother of Jess.

[Is there any place that was injured? Even if he hits 10 blows, he would be harmed if he is hit once. Human bodies are weak. Especially, our child’s body…….]

Due to that, Marvin was beaten soundly and came to Ellim.

Before leaving the tavern that was crowded with customers, Jess had lunch with his family.

It had been a while since he could read the thoughts of other ordinary people and grasp what was going on around the world.

[Haa. When I get home, the missus will nag at me again. It would be nice if people who were looking to use a mercenary were to show up. If possible, a job without any fighting.]

[War is a great opportunity for our corpse studies into the serious research of the mystery of life. Instead of causing corpses, I need to find a more efficient way for my research. There are 5000 fresh corpses in the southern plains. If I leave today, I should be able to arrive by the day after tomorrow?]

[Kakakaka. These stupid fools. It is I, Sir Pakes, the famous thief king. All that is within your pockets are mine.]

[I want to meet a woman. I want to sleep with a pretty woman. Uuuugh. Why is it hard to meet a woman.]

[This guy in front of me……he’s a friend, but he’s really trash.]

[Does this fool still think I’m his friend?]

All of them had different desires, but they had something they wished for and they made a living with those thoughts.

He wanted to know about the situation on the continent, but what could he expect from the drinkers of a tavern?

My head hurts. It will work out somehow.

As they separated Jess spoke to Marvin.

“See you later.”

“Yes sir, big brother!”

“Oi. The way you grind your teeth as you reply, it seems to mean you want to take revenge next time?”

“That would……*grind*. Would that happen?”

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