Dawn Traveler 27

Here’s this month’s chapter. Sorry for it being late. Notice, we got three more chapters until we hit the paywall. Anyways, I just wanted to face palm when I saw Yeon Woo’s actions here.

Jean Sora has been changed to Jin Sora. Check the glossary if you don’t know who that is.


DISCLAIMER: I do not guarantee the accuracy of this translation. So if any of you know Korean please help me out.

Tl: DarkNari
Edited: DarkNari

Rescuing the Kid (Part 3)

Yeon Woo stretched out his arms lazily and yawned.


His two siblings, Yeon Yul and Yeon Tae-jin, were staring at him blankly.


The extended lengthy yawn went on for a while.

Yeon Woo spoke as if exhausted.

“I want to have hamburger for dinner.”

“Oppa-nim. You ate it yesterday and you want to eat it again?”

“Hamburger is like the symbol of America. Why do you think America has become the world’s greatest power?”

After thinking about it a little bit, Yeon Tae-jin replied without confidence.

“I-I don’t know. I’m not sure about that.”

It was a very difficult question for a fourth grader.

He dreamt of being a scientist in the future, but he did not learn these kinds of things at school.

Yeon Woo informed him confidently.

“It’s because of hamburgers. Their society couldn’t help but develop when eating something so delicious. Ah, pizza also played quite a part in that as well.”



Yeon Yul and Yeon Tae-jin looked at their brother with eyes of pity.

[Something’s not right.]

[He’s scamming us!]

Yeon Woo.

He was the second eldest brother.

Because both of his parents were working, Yeon Woo played a lot with his younger siblings at home.

After school let out he helped them with their homework, and often told them life stories that seemed ephemeral.

He was only 1 or 2 more years older but he knew a lot of things.

However the absolute loyalty that they had pledged to him was a story of their youth!

[Everyday he’s crazy about pizza and hamburgers.]

[He’s lazy. He’s always lolling about the floor.]

Recently, they had been looking at Yeon Woo with distrust.

“You think I’m wrong right now, right?”


“They give out robot or hero toys at a hamburger shop. Think carefully about the reason. There is a deep intention to develop society by giving us kids dreams and hopes.”

“I-Is that right?”

His siblings were still naive children and were convinced.

In fact, you couldn’t think of Yeon Woo’s lifestyle as very good.

He liked greasy and fatty food, and did not exercise at all.

“Kyaa. Look at this juiciness. Just how long has it been since I ate meat.”

When he saw the meat, he was the first of his siblings to pounce on it. He laid down immediately after filling up his belly.

“Heated floors are the best. Ahwoo……so nice.”

Sometimes when he took a bath, like a middle-aged man he would say, “how refreshing”.

[I won’t live like that. Look at him getting fat.]
[I won’t become like oppa-nim.]

He could read the change of Yeon Tae-Jin and Yeon Yul’s perception of him.

Yeon Woo’s body had become slightly obese for an elementary school student.

I can’t help it though.

While staying in the Elven Forest for a few days or even months, then coming to this world, there was no way a burger wouldn’t be tasty.

It’s a taste he wouldn’t get sick of no matter how much he ate.

Then Yeon Woo looked at his body.

I have gotten a bit fatter.

In the other world his body was on a different level, it was tempered and nimble. In this world, he was an elementary schooler with low stamina.

I won’t have to fight monsters so I can have some weight while I’m young. If I need to I can always lose it later

Yeon Woo set his heart at ease.


The next day when returning back from school, Yeon Woo gazed deeply at the snack shop nearby.

“Hmm. I want to eat tteokbokki and gimbap. However, my parents are working hard to raise four children……haa.” (Darknari: gimbap is similar to sushi)

At these moments sometimes it was sad having a lot of siblings.

For example, if they ordered chicken from a nearby chicken house.

There was one chicken, four kids, and two parents.

After calling for delivery by phone, a heavy silence hung in the house.

Yeon Jung-soo.

[That’s mine. I can’t yield to my younger siblings. I must eat at least two legs.]

Yeon Tae-jin.

[Mmm, sweet & spicy fried chicken is the most delicious thing in the world.] (Darknari: He’s talking about yangnyeom-tongdak. Here’s a recipe.)

Yeon Yul.

[Delicious. I’ll eat all of it and won’t give any to my big brothers.]

His older brother and younger siblings did not have a yielding spirit towards the sacred chicken.

Are you guys just mouths……. Then it’s war.

Reading the thoughts of his parents, his heart changed again.

Yeon Chol.

[I haven’t had dinner yet either, but the children need to be fed. I’ll eat later.]

Han Seung-mi.

[If we can pay back this month’s apartment loan……ugh. Still, I’m happy to see the children grow well.]

They’re always worrying about money!

As they had four children, it costs a lot of money to feed and clothe them.

As I am now an elementary schooler, I should understand the family’s housekeeping.

Inevitably, when the chicken came, he picked up the least contested neck and ate it.

After all of the sweet & spicy fried chicken was eaten, they ate the rice with the remaining sauce.

With a lot of family they had a long pleasant time, but there was not enough to eat.

The reason why Yeon Woo could eat hamburgers or pizza was because of his friend Gu Seongman, who was the son of a wealthy family.

“Ahem. I’ll have to bring him tomorrow.”

While Yeon Woo was making a firm resolution someone came up from behind him.

“Yeon Woo.”

When Yeon Woo turned around he saw Jin Sora, his friend from daycare. (Darknari: the previous tl had it as kindergarten, but I got daycare so yeah)

Even though she was an elementary school student, she was already pretty tall and well dressed.

At a glance, she was growing up cute and pretty.

After not having met Jin Sora in a long time, her face was gloomy as if she was going to cry.

“Want to go to the snack shop there together?”

“I don’t have any pocket money.”

“I’ll buy it.”

“If that’s the case, then okay.”

Yeon Woo guessed that there was something she had to say. He could have directly read her mind but decided not to do so and waited.

Looks like she’s trying to tell me something. What is she worrying about?

His deep thinking was only for a moment.

“Here is the odeng, tteokbokki, and sundae.” (Darknari: odeng is a type of fish cake; sundae is not ice cream but a blood sausage)

The plentiful order of food was placed on the table by the auntie shop owner.

“Thanks for the food.”

Yeon Woo ate the food mindlessly.

“As expected, food has to be a little salty to be tasty. Keuuh. How long has it been since I’ve had sundae?”

After eating nothing but grasses while living in the Elven Forest anything would be delicious.

Even though it was mostly psychological, he always felt starved when undergoing extreme training.

After eating all the food, he payed attention to Jin Sora again.

I truly……. I obviously have lived a long time, but I can’t help it.

He filled his belly enough.

Yeon Woo looked at Jin Sora in front of him and spoke in a tone that matched the mood.

“Sora. Do you have something to tell me?”

“Yeah. By the way…….”

“You can tell me anything.”

“Wipe the sauce off your mouth.”


As soon as he wiped his mouth of the sauce, Jin Sora said.

“That is……. I’m moving.”

“Which town?”

“Far away. A foreign country…….”

Jin Sora’s father was a researcher and was going to Europe for several years. He decided to take his wife and daughter with him.

Jin Sora spoke with moist eyes.

“Stay well even if I’m not here from now on. Yeon Woo.”


Women’s mental maturity were a little bit faster.

To Yeon Woo, she looked just like a baby, but she was becoming more feminine.


While briefly being close to tears Jin Sora payed for the food and quickly dashed out.

Yeon Woo became a little lonely and empty when returning home.

“Eh……so. It was all as I had expected.”

Childhood does not last forever.

Jin Sora and Lee Hee-jin, who he had been close to since he was a child, were going to grow up and they might get boyfriends.

Someone will leave and he will meet someone new as well.

A childhood that passed away into distant memories

As he was young there was infinite possibilities and potential.

“But since I don’t know when I’ll see you again, don’t suddenly take off.”

He was flooded with a deep sense of regret.

“I wanted one more serving of sundae…….”

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      1. Question: What’s the paywall? I recall seeing something about the author asking for 100 won per chapter, is that it?


  1. — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    I must say that I’m really worried about his body ~_~.
    It’s better to stay healthy and fit earlier rather than doing it later, and this just shows that he is still a child in the end because he keeps pushing it back and disregarding it, lol.


  2. Well the fantasy side of his is great and all. He should properly take care that modern side of his well. Mentally mature but he’s getting arrogant and annoying on that point. Not knowing that in his surrounding are unease and unsure of his life and ways. Continuously seething that part could take charges of his siblings not respecting and admiring him anymore.
    There are a good and bad side that reading minds could do. The good is that he can tell what people are thinking and knowing and understanding the bitter side of humanity. The bad part it makes the mind reader tediously obscene of himself and think highly above in mentally stature. Not knowing the consequences of the action he take in the far years to come. He may be taking liking and wondrous of his fantasy life but he did not know that there could be a scenario that could cut him off from the fantasy world forever or lost mind reading ability. Without those he’ll be nothing.
    MC shouldn’t be stubborn much because of that power of his or that could the end of his. Socially speaking.

    Happy New Year Dawn Traveler!
    A new year, a new day, a new dawn, a new kickass moments!


  3. He is turning a bit into a sociopath isn’t he. I know he is choosing his friends wisely but treating them only as pawns without even a little bit of friendship is a bit much.

    It’s a bit sad in a way.


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