DDLW Illustrations

Like I promised, the light novel illustrations for The Dungeon Demon Lord is the Weakest have been added. So far there are 8 volumes. If there are any pics I missed, let me know and I will add them! Also I updated the character list.

Enjoy the pretty pictures!~

P.S. I also translated the captions that came with them. XD

P.S.S And no I’m not picking it back up again. Maybe when I finish with what I have and don’t find anything more interesting, then we’ll see.


7 thoughts on “DDLW Illustrations

    1. I dont think thats a good way to do it, there are many translators out there and they either provides a link to the pics, add the new pics in both the post (like this one) and the gallery or they just never bother with a post and makes the link (in my case, the one from NovelUpdates.) Go directly to the gallery.
      As it is now i was frustrated that i couldnt find a link in the posts and was about to write bcack to you and tell you that you forgort the libnk, then i saw your comment.
      I use wordpress myself so i know its an easy thing to add a link to make it easier for the reader/user/visitor of the blog, so i recommend that you rethink your decission for the confused followers.

      But thats just my advice, thank you for the chapters and the pictures. 🙂


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