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Late Chapters T^T

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The tentative title for DDLW 26 is Killing Method Walkthrough!?

Here is also a short teaser for Dawn Walker 23:

The Beginning of Experience (Part 2)

Rendall was observing the changes in the situation of the Gras Empire through the information guild in Ellim, the city nearest to the Elven Forest.

As the Imperial princes’ battle becomes more and more intense, the cities burned and the castles of the nobility shattered.

Everywhere there were refugees wandering, looting was being carried out, and it was teeming with bandits.

Even the Great Nobles of the Gras Empire have actively participated in the intervention, and the civil war has not shown any signs of being resolved in these few years.

“So, there’s talk of a magician’s dungeon a day away…….”

“Yes. It is the Earl Parker’s family, a gray fog hangs over the whole area and they started to hear strange sounds.”

“If so, the chances of a dungeon are high.”

Rendall and Laeli were pleased to hear that they had a job after a long time.
Magicians have various magical devices to protect the entrance of his laboratory.

Most of the magic is time limited in its maintenance, and before the magic dissipated in accord with the providence of nature, many bizarre phenomena occurred.