The Types of Magic

Name Description Magai Class Race
Mysticism Cast sensing, mesmerizing, shielding, transportation, animation, and energy spells Amethyst Magai, Guardians, Merpeople (mesmerizing voice), Korvei (mesmerizing eyes, telepathy)
Restoration Cast spells to heal, cure, damage, or poison Diamond Magai, Slyphs
Alteration Cast spells to change self, other, or object Ruby Magai
Illusion Cast spells that affect the senses Emerald Magai, pixies
Elemental Cast fire, water, earth, and air spells Saphire Magai, pixies (earth), sprites (fire)
Necromancy Cast spells to sense, raise and control the dead Obsidian Magai
Blood The ability to control blood; can be used to agument spells None Korvei; Magai

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