Nickname: Cias
Gender: Male
Race: Demon Lord
Stats: Link
Description: A Japanese boy who had reincarnated as the 13th Demon Lord who rules over the [Blood Tears of a Demon King] that extends to the northern border of the Demon Continent. His weapon is the shotel. He had been entrusted with the job of Dungeon Master by god who gave him many blessings, but…

Nickname: Andre
Gender: –
Race: Smartphone
Description: A smartphone who had been assigned to be a supporter by god, but with a poisonous tongue that always seems to scold Cias. Has the app [Let’s Make Dungeons!] installed.

Nickname: –
Gender: Female
Race: Ogre
Description: An ogre who had been forsaken by her tribe and other demons for being one-horned. Dauntless features, slightly muscular though with a slim figure. Was mistaken as a boy by Cias. Usually quiet with a pure character. The weapon that she carries is a golden spiked club.

Albert Popo Amuhamura
Nickname: –
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Description: The king of the Amuhamura Kingdom

Trisha Lily Amuhamura
Nickname: –
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Description: The illegitimate daughter and third princess of the Amuhamura Kingdom. The knight leader. Even in the True Continent, she can compete for 1st or 2nd in sword skill. A cool beauty.

Tile Jarev Alpactico
Nickname: –
Gender: Female
Race: Demon Lord
Description: The 2nd Demon Lord; has four black wings and looks neither like a boy nor a girl

Erevan Assad Rinokeros
Nickname: –
Gender: Female
Race: Demon Lord
Description: The 1st Demon Lord; A beautiful woman with silver hair, purple skin, and two golden horns. Has a speech impediment.

Nickname: –
Gender: Female
Race: Undine
Description: She was caught in the net of the water purification plant. She is an undine, a high ranking water spirit. She has an innocent and free-spirited character. When not in human form, she is an elastic transparent lump.


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