The illustrations for the light novel.

Volume 1

vol1-cover cias

Volume 2


Her current state is on the verge of death! If you don’t do something quickly this child could really die!! Anything–is there anything that can be done!?
“The salt that I brought this time, is this one jar, you can buy it for 8 silver coins.” “?” To my proposal Sen-kun tilted his head to the side. That gesture was cute and more appropriate for his age. Like in the way of a cherished pet, though it might sound bad when it’s said like that, that gesture was indeed healing. To such a Sen-kun that leapt into the trade, I smiled.

Volume 3


Yes, it could not be to this amount. Anyhow, this person– “Don’t call anyone’s daughter without honorifics as one pleaseeeeeeeees!!” —-While he’s a king, he’s also a father.
“Uwah!? Wh-What, guys?” “This pervert, get away from Cias!!” The demon lord currently had on tattered clothes, with his upper body barely clothed and his shoulders bare, he was pratically half-naked. No, but……do you suspect that person in this situation?

Volume 4

vol4-cover122ÁE76(B6-3)小åE子P01_08 ãƒ™ãEスチEEã‚¿

She seems to be happy. Really like a puppy. Paimon was like a large dog. “Since there was a reward for coming back to the dungeon?” “Yes!”
“Hey~ Cias, do you not want to make a child~” Ah……already this person is troublesome……. Their drinking habits are bad. Dressed in beautiful Japanese seeming clothes, this sister with glittering blonde hair leaned coquettishly against me.

Volume 5


At what Paimon said I remembered that I had not immersed myself in the bathtub yet. Because I was too captivated by Trisha’s nakedness, after washing the rest of my body in the shower, it seems I sunk into considerable thought.
“…………This…………?” “Is this like the Hero of the Wind?” “The image differs…………”

Volume 6

Vol6 Cover

Vol6 Illustration1
“I-indeed. This is convenient……” The clown muttered while using the abacus with it’s pleasant clapping sounds.
Vol6 Illustration2
Brown skin. Short ash gray hair. With a height of 190cm or more, in metal light armor. Rods of divine iron on both hips. He was a good looking adventurer in every way.

Volume 7

Vol7 Cover

Vol7 Illustration1
I handed the necklace that was put in the carefully made wooden box to Koron-san. “A present. As much as the color in this necklace fades away, I want you to live freely in a place where the sun shines, with these feelings, from me to you.”
Vol7 Illustration2
“I’m sorry, Cias-sama. I’ve been found……” Yeah. No, of course you would be found.

Volume 8

Vol8 Cover

Vol8 Illustration1
“Ah……! It’s not possible to stop regretting it even if I do!! Aaaaah!!” “P-Paimon-san! Please calm down!” To the me that was once again writhing in shame, Wepal rushed over in a fluster, and soothed me by patting my back.
Vol8 Illustration2
“‘Large Whirling Tide of Spirit’!!” “Oi, oi, oi, oi!! What are you doing!?” The water surface of the lake was rough with the spirit magic used by Furufuru, and a violent vortex appeared around the fish tiger.

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  1. does that mean that you feel more motivated to translate this series? also, I feel like you do work on several sites, not just this one.


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